Ned Mannoun Politician - Ned Mannoun- the nice face to fundemental islam in Australia

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If you are a liverpool voter, stop before you vote for liberal Ned Mannoun. Mr Mannoun is planted in politics by fundemental muslims, he is the "nice face" that can win over the voters..... The ambition is that he can one day represent MUSLIMS AND HELP MASTER MIND A MUSLIM AUSTRALIA.

That is part of the grand islam plan for Australia. Have a well spoken and presented puppet, sell him as a great visionary, get him as close to the top as possible.... then work on the vision of a muslim Australia. Mr Mannoun, is closely linked to fantatical muslim groups and has their financial and political support. say no to islam, say no to Ned Mannoun.

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This could well be the most inane, unfounded and barely coherent diatribe I've ever read on the internet. Congratulations on taking idiocy to a new level.

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